support groups for children...

children ages 6 - 11, who have experienced loss through death or divorce

blowing 'anger' bubbles

Children are deeply affected by bereavement and even those who have adjusted are often struggling with churned up emotions. Innocently perceptive and keenly aware of tension, sadness or anger in the home, children attempt to make sense out of what is happening by filling in the gaps with their own imagined explanations. Unfortunately, because cognitive reasoning skills in young children are underdeveloped, they come up with fantasies about the situations which are often more frightening than the truth.

Our programme is one of prevention and intervention in the lives of these children. Led by adult facilitators trained by Growing Through, support groups provide a safe setting in which children can talk through their feelings with peers who are experiencing similar situations. Learning is accomplished through a variety of teaching methods including crafts, games, storytelling, puppetry, songs, and journal work.

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