support groups for teens...

secondary students ages 11-16, who have experienced loss through death or divorce

An adolescent is an emerging adult. Adolescence, alone, is a difficult stage in a person's life. During this time the adolescent is changing physically, sexually, socially, spiritually and academically. They are also beginning to develop a sense of personal identity and are becoming independent from family. This time of transition becomes almost unbearable when a loss in the family is added to the many changes already occurring in the young person's life.

Normal problems associated with the teenage years become exacerbated. Unresolved grief can become chronic, eventually causing a serious risk of psychological and emotional problems that block learning and inhibit human functioning. Our support groups are an intervention at this crucial time of life, preventing the young person from continuing on the downward slope of confusion, low self-esteem, unresolved anger, anxiety, depression and false guilt.

Adult facilitators trained by Growing Through help young people process their emotions with support from their peers. Journals, drama, art, music, and DVDs are used as teaching aids.

support groups help young people:

Small Group Work Drama Still - Guilt Unforgiveness is like being tied to your offender

what the teens say:

I used to get upset over family situations. I now find it easier to control myself. People used to make me angry and I would lash out at them. Now I put boundaries in place and walk away. My teachers and friends have told me I am different. (Girl 14)

The programme helped me know how I am feeling. Before I felt I was the only one feeling like this. Now I know I am not alone. These feelings no longer frighten me because now I understand the different grieving stages (Girl 15)

I used to be very angry at school with the teachers and people. Now I am much calmer. I'm able to say how I feel instead of keeping it inside. My teachers have noticed I have changed. I feel much calmer (Boy 12)

what the parents say:

The programme helped my son face his problems in a mature way. I am sure other parents would find this support group a valuable aid for children who are suffering. My son seems much happier. He is no longer afraid of telling his father what he needs from him - Great progress!

The programme helped my son to be more positive and thinking more about his actions.

My daughter has been extremely keen to attend the weekly meetings, even when she arrives home late from school. She is always enthusiastic when I meet her after the group has finished. The programme has helped her to communicate more about her situation. I am grateful to every one involved that she has been given this opportunity to be a part of it.

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